Adopting a New Puppy or Kitten? Add These Products To Your List.

Adopting a New Puppy or Kitten?  Add These Products To Your List.

There are so many kittens or puppies born near the holidays. It’s hard to resist those cute faces, small paws and playful behavior. If it’s the right time for your family, be sure to gather all the supplies before you bring them home. We recommend adding the Vet Worthy products below to your supply list. To learn more about each product and to find a national online retailer, click on the links.


Dental Hygiene Kit – This kit Includes a finger brush, toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs. Dental hygiene is an important habit to start sooner rather than later.

Puppy Multi Chewables  – This daily vitamin is formulated for puppy’s growing needs. Veterinarian formulated with a balance of vitamin and minerals. Enticing liver flavor chewable tablet for your puppy.

Potty Hydrant – This yellow hydrant marks the spot to encourage urination in a designated spot. It is infused with pheromones to attract dogs to “go” in a certain area of the yard.

If you don’t have your pet on a probiotic supplement, now is a good time to start this habit. These supplements help support digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Look for one that has a prebiotic for maximum effectiveness. Give daily for best results.

Kitten and/or Puppy First Aid Kit

Protective Collar – These collars are easy to use and handy for keeping pets where their nose and tongues do not belong. They may also make it easier during nail clippings and grooming. The durable fabric allows pets to be comfortable while healing.

Wound Spray for cats or dogs – Helps kill germs that cause infection. Spray on minor cuts, scrapes and scratches.

Styptic Powder for cats or dogs – This is an essential item when trimming nails. Stops bleeding during nail trims or for minor cuts.

Bitter Self-Adhering Wrap – This is a great product to have on hand. It can hold bandages in place or support sore limbs or strains. The bitter taste discourages your pet form chewing or licking the bandage.

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