Vet Worthy Pet Potty Hydrant for Dogs




Scented Potty Training Aid. This yellow hydrant marks the spot to encourage urination in a designated spot. This pheromone-infused yard stake helps make yard cleanup easier as well as helps maintain a clean lawn. This scented training aid is ideal for dogs of all ages.


Installation: Keep your dog inside. Open the box outside. Decide where you would like your dog to urinate in the yard. It is recommended to place the potty hydrant away from the feeding area and loud, busy areas. While your dog is inside the house, remove the potty hydrant from the packages and softly hammer it 4 to 5 inches into the ground. Introduction: After the potty hydrant is in the ground, bring your dog out and introduce them to the potty hydrant. Let your dog sniff the area. Once your dog urinates, be sure to praise and/or reward them. Repeat this process until your dog continually urinates at the potty hydrant.


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