3 Ways to Prepare Your Pet’s System for Thanksgiving Table Scraps

3 Ways to Prepare Your Pet’s System for Thanksgiving Table Scraps

Dogs and cats are usually on a routine eating schedule of the same food and treats. When visitors come to the house at Thanksgiving and other holidays, food table may be being given to your dog and cat unbeknownst to the pet parents. It’s usually the pet’s favorite part of having visitors. Depending on how many visitors and how much food, your pet may end up with more than their stomach can handle. What do you do?

Consider Starting a Probiotic Supplement Before the Holidays

If you don’t have your pet on a probiotic supplement, now is a good time to start this habit. These supplements help support digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Look for one that has a prebiotic for maximum effectiveness. Give daily for best results.

Be Prepared for Indigestion

You know your pet has eaten something new when they start having diarrhea. We suggest keeping an Anti-Diarrhea in your pet supplies. Anti-Diarrheas usually contain kaolin and pectin to help firm loose stools. They can also help with stomach cramping and discomfort.

Pumpkin is Not Only for the Pie

Pumpkin puree is not only for pies but may be a good digestion remedy for your pet.  This natural source of fiber can help settle an upset stomach. Not only can it be given for diarrhea but also constipation. If you have questions about how much to give your pet, please contact your veterinarian.

If you are concerned about your dog’s health or symptoms worsen or do not improve, please seek contact your veterinarian to rule out a more serious medical problem.

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