Why is Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Most Ef-fish-ient?

Why is Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Most Ef-fish-ient?

It’s of-fish-ially the end of salmon season in Alaska…the bears are well-fed and the fisherman have completed fishing for the season. The bears are preparing for hibernation and the fisherman have brought home the salmon that will be used for many things including dog and cat salmon oil supplements.

This is great news for our pets. Dogs and cats not only love the taste of salmon oil but also will benefit from this natural source of omega-3 fatty acids.  

Is salmon oil better than other fish oils?

All fish oils will give you omega-3 fatty acids. However, salmon oil, especially oil sourced from the fresh ocean waters will give you more omega-3 fatty acids per serving than most types of other oily fish.  It’s also low in cholesterol and contains natural vitamins and minerals.

Is wild Alaskan salmon superior to farm-raised salmon?

Wild salmon, like the ones from the Alaskan ocean, eat what they want and what they need. They roam around the oceans and rivers and consume the nutrients they need. Overall, mercury levels and other toxins in Alaska waters are very low and almost undetectable in salmon oil. The levels of omega-3 fatty acids are significantly higher than farm raised. For these reasons, wild salmon is often preferred over farm-raised.

Why should my dog or cat take salmon oil?

Fish oil for dogs and cats is a healthy supplement to support many bodily functions. The oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which cannot be found in the body. These fatty acids support so many areas of the body including skin and coat health, brain health and immune support.

Pets love the taste of the oil. Add this to their daily food or give directly in a bowl. Give this daily for best results.

If you are concerned about your dog’s health or symptoms worsen or do not improve, please seek contact your veterinarian to rule out a more serious medical problem.

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