Chewable Tablets vs. Soft Chews: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Chewable Tablets vs. Soft Chews: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Supplements come in many forms but the two most popular are chewable tablets and soft chews. Which one is best? Consider these points when deciding between soft chews and chewable tablets  

Chewable Tablet Benefits

More Efficacious When choosing between a soft chew and tablet be sure to review the active ingredients and the directions carefully. You may find that your dog may only need 1 chewable tablet to get the same active ingredients in 3 soft chews. Many times there are more active ingredients per tablet than a soft chew. The reason is that it takes about 70% of the soft chew’s inactive ingredients on average to make it a soft chew. That only leaves 30% for the active ingredients. Chewable tablets usually contain more actives per tablet.

Cost This reason goes hand in hand with #1. If you have to feed your pet 3 soft chews to get the same dosage as 1 tablet, you will have to purchase more soft chews to get the equal amount of actives that are in the chewable tablet. To figure out which option is more cost-effective, first calculate the cost per soft chew and the cost per tablet. Then multiply the answer by how many soft chews and tablets your dog would take a day.

Cut or Crumble  The directions for use may include cutting a chewable in half based on the weight of the dog. Many will have a scoring line to assist in cutting. Tablets can also be crumbled if desired.

Soft Chew Benefits

Easy to Give Pet parents may find that their dog will come running when they grab the soft chews. They look and taste like dog treats but with the benefits of a supplement.

Soft and Chewy Little dogs and senior dogs may find it easier to eat the soft chews. They are easy to break apart and easier to chew than tablets.

More Flavor Varieties Soft chews tend to follow the treat aisle when it comes to flavors. You will find chicken, smoke flavor, peanut butter, and bacon among other tasty flavors.

The bottom line is that all supplements whether they are chewable tablets or soft chews will be beneficial for your dog. In some cases, soft chews are the better choice especially for senior dogs or dogs with bad teeth. However, chewable tablets are usually more efficacious and affordable.

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