Pet Protective Soft Inflatable Collar


(XS, S, M, L, XL)


Protective inflatable collar. Recommended to help prevent dogs from reaching injuries, rashes or post-surgery wounds. This durable fabric soft collar allows dogs to eat and drink easily, is softer and more gentle on your dog’s neck than a stiff cone and features a security strap with secure fit Velcro closure.


1. Inflate by pinching and blowing into the retractable air valve. Press and close after filling the inner tube with air.

2. Remove your dog’s collar and run it through the inner ring straps of the protective inflatable collar. Make sure the security strap is on the bottom side of the protective inflatable collar.

3. Reattach the collar around your dog’s neck. Adjust so that the velcro tab and security strap are behind your dog’s head. The security strap will be on the bottom side of the protective inflatable collar.

4. Secure the velcro tab so both ends of the protective collar are together. Note: Velcro will require moderate strength to pull apart.

5. Disconnect the security strap and wrap one end around your dog’s chest behind your dog’s front legs. Adjust for fit and reconnect.


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