No More Yellow Lawn: Tips for a Green Lawn with Dogs

No More Yellow Lawn: Tips for a Green Lawn with Dogs

It’s a beautiful summer day when you let your dog outside. The grass has really started to grow now that the weather has warmed up and you are about to enjoy it until your eyes go directly to the yellow spots in the grass. You look at your dog and then to the spots and know you can’t live without your dog and your lawn can’t live with them. Consider using one or more of these strategies to keep your green grass.

Treat the Dog Pee on Lawn

Watering the area where your dog urinates is a great strategy because it dilutes the pee. For best results use a hose or watering can on the spot as soon as they finish. If water is not available, sprinkle baking soda to neutralize the high nitrogen concentration. It also is an odor absorber which can help deter the dog to not pee there again.

Hydrate Your Dog

Make sure your dog is drinking enough water. The more water your dog drinks the less concentrated their urine is and that should lead to less burn. Change the water regularly to keep it fresh. You might try giving them ice cubes for an added treat.

Add Vet Worthy Potty Rocks to the water bowl to help filter out the nitrates that can lead to lawn burn. Simply place 2-3 rocks in the bowl and let your dog drink the water. Replace the rocks every month.

Supplement the Dog’s Digestive Tract

Consider adding a probiotic supplement to their daily routine. This supplement will help support digestive health and support the growth of probiotics in their system.

Train Your Dog To Use a Designated Spot

Some dogs like to potty in the same place and others wander around and go everywhere. To keep them to one area, consider training. You will want to choose an area that is quiet and away from their feeding area. Bring your dog out to the area until they urinate. Praise and reward them. Continue this process until they automatically go to the area to relieve themselves. Vet Worthy offers a Potty Hydrant that is pheromone infused. Place this hydrant in the designated area and it will help attract the dogs to the spot.

Repairing Yellow Spots

Fixing the spots that already turned yellow is easy. Just remove the old grass and add new soil and grass seed. Water daily and in no time your grass will be green and happy. There’s also lawn paint as an easy, affordable way to turn your grass green temporarily.

With these tips, it is possible to live a happy life with your dogs and enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

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