Vet Worthy Dog Potty Rocks


(200 Grams)


Keeps your Yard Green: Potty Rocks for dogs from Vet Worthy maintains your green grass with its paramagnetic igneous rocks that filter out impurities like nitrites to keep your lawn green and safe for your dogs and other pets.


Place Potty Rocks in dog’s water bowl. Rocks will filter out some of the impurities that cause your grass to turn brown, like metals and nitrates. After use, the lawn will have a natural green look without the dead spots.

For Best Results: Replace your dog’s drinking water daily. Replace your Potty Rocks every couple months. Attempt to make the dog bowl the only source of drinking water for your pet. Feed a premium dry dog food and avoid table scraps and raw meats.


Naturally occurring Paramagnetic Igneous rock.

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