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Pet Friendly Holiday Plants

What safe plants will make the place merry and bright? Fresh Christmas trees top the list. Also, a Christmas cactus will not be life-threatening, though they may suffer vomiting or gastrointestinal upset if ingested. Roses are festive and non-toxic as well.

Mistletoe, holly and ivy decorations and bright red poinsettias really make the room more festive. However, are you exposing your pets to poisonous plants? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Keep these plants out of reach or even out of the house to avoid reactions such as nausea, vomiting or more severe reactions. Share this infographic with all your dog and cat parents.

 We wish you and your furry friends a happy, fun and healthy holiday season!

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If your dog or cat comes in contact with any of these poisonous plants, please seek contact your veterinarian.

Toxic Christmas Plants


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